White Labeling

The New Way To Create Your Own Private Label

Enter Illuminati provides new or existing companies with the unique opportunity to create a hemp brand without risk!

The Canadian hemp industry is growing at an exponential rate, and progressively more entrepreneurs are looking to kick start a business that offers hemp products. Enter Illuminati offers wholesale white label products that you can buy, re-brand, and sell to your customers at a price you see fit.

In case you are wondering, white labeling involves purchasing unbranded products from wholesale suppliers and then reselling them. There are numerous advantages to this practice when compared to simply reselling products from an already established brand or manufacturing your own.

If you’re looking to start a new business in the hemp industry or supplement your existing product line, but you don’t have the necessary equipment, facilities, funds or knowledge for producing high-quality hemp products, opting to purchase white label hemp products is the most logical and cost-effective option.

Build your own brand, set your own price, advertise, and build your customer base without worrying about the quality of your product. Here at Enter Illuminati, we produce white label hemp concentrate products by using proprietary technology and manufacturing methods that meet the highest industry standards.

Enjoy the freedom of setting your own price without any restraints that come with reselling branded products. Well-known brands have high minimum quantities orders, unfavorable pricing policies and suggested retail pricing for their products, which does not allow you to set a more competitive price and establish yourself on the market. White label products give you the upper hand and provides you the opportunity to make a greater profit. Check out our hemp white labeling service and find out how you can build your own brand and grab a slice of the fast-growing market.

Contact us to learn more about our white labeling service and find out how you can build your own brand and grab a slice of the fast-growing hemp market.